Covid 19: Lockdown And Chronic Illness

I wanted to write about the impact of the Covid 19 lockdown on me personally, because it would seem from friends points of view or from reading various social media comments that people might think it hasn't made much of a difference to those that would normally be housebound alot anyway. At least from my … Continue reading Covid 19: Lockdown And Chronic Illness

Invisible illness. Seeing is believing.

They say seeing is believing. So how do I show someone that I have an invisible illness? How do I explain it in a believable way? It's crazy that something so very real, incredibly painful and hugely debilitating to me can be disbelieved by others simply because they can't see it. I believe it because … Continue reading Invisible illness. Seeing is believing.

Before the rain.

It really is true when they say you don't know what you've got until it's gone. The everyday things that I used to take for granted, like waking up in the mornings feeling ready for the day, answering my phone when it rings, being able to decide what to have to eat, what to watch … Continue reading Before the rain.